May 25, 2016

Cameco gives $2M to virtual school

When Edward Benoanie first signed up to take math and science courses through Credenda Virtual High School, he wasn’t sure how his studies through the pilot program would go.

“I was basically the guinea pig,” he said. “Everything was new to them and it was new to me, too.”

It turns out Benoanie’s e-learning program set him on the right track to higher education. Not only were his math and science skills upgraded, but so were his English, writing and typing skills; he moved from 20 words a minute at the start of the program to 70 by his graduation date.

Now 21, the Hatchet Lake-raised man is set to receive a bachelor’s degree in education this May after graduating from high school in 2006.

“When you have a teacher right in front of you, it feels like you’re in the spotlight all the time. But when you’re online, you’re fully concentrated and you’re in your own personal space,” he said.

Benoanie hopes more youth from northern Saskatchewan have the same online education experience through Credenda as he did. With the school receiving a $2-million investment from Cameco Corp. on Friday, the likelihood of higher enrolment at the non-profit institution has increased.


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